JBC Survival Aid Tin

Whether it's a disaster or an unforeseen circumstance having a well-equipped survival kit and being prepared is essential. Our JBC Survival Aid Tin is durable and compact and contains a collection of survival tools great to have in your vehicle, in your pack, or on your person. This versatile kit is also suitable for military, pilots, and those who enjoy the great outdoors like hunters, backpackers, climbers, and many more!

Size: H: 6.875" W: 4" D: 3"
Weight: 16.9 oz
1 Pocket First Aid Kit
1 Emergency Headlamp (Petzl e+LITE)
1 Signaling Whistle
1 Explorer Button Compass
1 Emergency Straw Filter (Frontier)
1 Emergency Fishing Kit
2 Stand-Up Water Storage Bag 1Lt
2 Water Purifier Tabs
1 Waterproof Matches
1 Steel Fire Starter
1 Commando Wire Saw
1 Signal Mirror 2" x 2"
1 Snare Wire 24G, 20'
1 WetFire Fire Starter
1 Mini Foldable Multi-Tool
1 Mini Notebook 3-1/4" x 4-5/8"
1 Black Pencil
Due to the ongoing situation, there is a significant disruption in the medical products supply chain. Although we make every effort to mitigate these disruptions, based on availability JBC Corp may be required to substitute products identified in the kit description. All substitutions are of equal or greater value and quality.

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