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JBC Cravat (Triangular Bandage/Bandana) 4 Pack

The JBC Cravat is a Heavy-Duty OG Green Triangular Bandage, packaged with (2) Heavy Duty Safety Pins.

This basic multi-use first aid item can be used:

 Folded as a thick rectangle of cloth placed over a large wound; it functions like a trauma pad, absorbing blood and helping to stop bleeding.

 A second cravat can be used to wrap the wound and trauma pad. In this usage, it functions like the first-aid tape, to hold the trauma pad in place.

 On an injured arm, a triangular bandage can be used as a sling, to support the arm in a bent position over the chest.  A second cravat (folded as a long band) can be used around the torso as a swathe, to immobilize the arm against the chest. 

 With a broken leg, the leg can be immobilized with a stiff object between the legs and a couple of cravats to tie the legs together.

 On a sprained ankle or wrist, a cravat can be used as a compression bandage to wrap and support the appendage.

 In the case of a head wound, a triangular bandage can be wrapped over the forehead and around the top of the head to cover the wound.

♦ It can also be used as a bandana.

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