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Medical Supplies

FastBreathe Thoracic Seal (FTS)

These items are on sale due to their short shelf life.

This hydrogel adhesive bandage with a valve is intended for use in emergencies such as gunshot, stab, and fragment wounds as a temporary bandage to manage penetrating thoracic wounds that could compromise the pleural space of the thoracic cavity.


  • Utilizes a one-way valve to manage penetrating wounds to the thorax.
  • Valve has been designed and tested to vent the slightest air pressure.
  • It can be placed up, down, or sideways and covered with clothing, blankets, or body armor without obstructing airflow.
  • Provides quick visual verification of functioning valve through magnified clear top.
  • Aggressive adhesive sticks to unprepared, dirty, wet, bloody skin.
  • It can be flushed with sterile water if necessary, removed, and repositioned without loss of adhesion.
  • It can be removed without damage to hair or intact skin. Removal may be facilitated by adding sterile water or any liquid.
  • Has been laboratory and field-tested.

Expiration Date: 12-05-2021

Warning: Please do not buy this item unless you have been appropriately trained by a medical professional. Incorrect usage could lead to injury and/or death.

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